British Shorthair kittens from grand champion lines.  British Shorthair kittens in silver tabby, blue, blue & white and more. 
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STERLING BRITS - British Shorthair Cats


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Past member of three
Cat Fancier Associations:
 The International Cat Assoc. (TICA)


IW, Supreme Grand Champion SterlingBrits Saxon of Excalibur
TICA's 2008/2009

Supreme Grand Champion, Regional Winner
TICA's Best International British Shorthair
TICA's 2nd Best International Shorthair Cat 
TICA's 9th Best International AllBreed Cat

2007/2008: 2nd Best International British Shorthair Kitten
Mid-Pacific Regional Winner Kitten

An amazing cat, at just 19 months of age and in just 10 shows, Saxon has the prestigious honour of being TICA's Best International British Shorthair for the 2008/2009 Show Season. 
Our thanks go to Pamela Barrett for showing him so well & loving him as she does, and for providing a loving, forever retirement home.


RW, Supreme Grand Champion SterlingBrits Heavenly Harmony


Harmony, a blue silver classic tabby & white, was shown only a few times as a kitten and again as an adult, successfully achieving regional win status (top 20 in region) both times.  She successfully achieved championship status despite competing against two internationally ranked mature males.  Shown only a few times as an adult, she achieved Supreme Grand Champion status, amazing for a female Brit.  We are so proud of her.  Our last breeding silver, now retired, she is a huge, muscular cat who always gave us outstanding kittens.  Her parents are Robocat Gladiator of SterlingBrits (Classic black silver tabby) and Excalibur Shasta of SterlingBrits (blue & white).  She has several winning progeny following in her footsteps with Magnacatta, Katareece, GentleBrits and more.

Photographer Acknowlegement:  Our special thanks go to Tamila Aspen for the gorgeous pictures pictures she took of Saxon and Harmony above in Portland in 2008.  These and others appear on our site, including pictures she took of Paint & Fantasia.  Thank you Tamila.


Two of our foundation classic silver tabby cats: Gladiator & Zeta


Our first kitten born: SterlingBrits Maximus, silver spotted & our foundation blue: Zuma


We are now retired from breeding, but remain dedicated to the British Shorthair breed, our kitten owners and our breeding progeny.  When breeding British Shorthair cats & kittens, we took great pride in our British Shorthair cats and kittens, believing our Brits to be among the finest British Shorthairs in North America. Our foundation cats were carefully chosen from health-checked, top Grand Champion lines around the world to ensure the highest possible standards for quality, health and temperament in our sires, queens and kittens.

Lovingly raised underfoot, our kittens were consistently confident, affectionate, gentle, playful and accustomed to normal household life when they left us at 13-16 weeks. We take pride in finding loving homes for our babies, breeding cats and retired adults, and in getting to know and support their new owners.


Compact, powerful and well-balanced, the Romans prized the British Shorthair for its physical strength and hunting capability. Brits are now better recognized for their calmness, loyalty and trainability, not to mention their famous Cheshire Cat grin.


A typical British male is 12-18 pounds at maturity, with females averaging 8-12 pounds; males 12-18 pounds. Both sexes fill out until about four years of age, and tend to remain youthful looking for 15-20 years. They have a thick plush coat that requires very little grooming.

We pride ourselves in the temperament of the kittens we bred. Handled often and raised underfoot, our kittens were playful, confident, easy going and affectionate, adapting especially well to small children and pets. Brits are neither destructive nor overly active, and enjoy supervising household activities. They adapt well to home life, with families or with single owners, being perfectly content in small apartments or large houses. Brits are very lovable, enjoying affection and happy to share their affection with all members of the family.  They are especially drawn to playing with water, much to their owners' great delight.


Sterling Brits specialized in silver tabbies, silver spotteds, blues and blue & whites. The British blues, the most easily recognizable Brits, as well as the blue & whites, are more laid back and less agile than the silvers, and are a bit shorter & stockier, with amazing copper eyes, a plusher coat and a somewhat rounder face.


Although we no longer breed Brits, we know several reputable breeders across North America who have our breeding lines and maintain our standards of breeding and care.  All of our kittens were bred from grand championship lines, with no inbreeding.  They were cuddled often and encouraged to seek human affection.  They were vet-checked, wormed, and had their first shots and a booster being going to their forever homes. We vaccinated for Panleukopenia, Calicivirus and Rhinotracheitus (upper respiratory and distemper), discouraging vaccination for anything else.  We continue to stand by our kittens and their owners, offering ongoing support by phone or email.  If you are looking for a Brit kitten, we will do our best to provide a referral in your area, or at least, to a breeder who either has or expects Brit kittens.  Please check our Kitten Availability page for kittens known to be available.  
As we are now retired, we no longer accept reservations.  However, we sometimes post kittens known to be available through breeders we recommend in the "Kitten Availability" section. Feel free to contact us at: Sterling Brits Cattery for referrals.
Lyn & Bob Smirl
Nanaimo (previously Victoria) 
British Columbia

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