British Shorthair kittens from grand champion lines.  Brits in blue, blue & white& occasional magical colours

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"Tank" a.k.a. "Superhero Tank" is owned by Jane & Ray in Portland, Oregon. He is a Shimmer / Gladiator boy born in July, 2005, and at the gentle age of one year, he became "Superhero Tank".

The story from Jane...

"Last night Ray was watching TV and was very sleepy and relaxed on the couch and Tank came up to him and meowed several times. (He only meows when he is telling you something.) He started running back and forth into the kitchen and back to Ray frantically. Ray finally mustered up the energy and got up to see what was going on and the kids had left about 30 mins earlier and left the gas stove on full blast! Good thing we have a big house. Ray immediately opened all windows and doors... My Tank is so smart and he saved the day!!!!!"

Jane & our Superhero Tank (Portland, Oregon)


The Adventures of TUT - Totally Unique Truman"

This outstanding silver tabby male kitten from Zeta & Gladiator, born in Jan 2006, takes regular swims in his owners' enclosed pool area in Florida. Recently he added diving to his repertoire. His owner Deb describes the recent event...

From Deb "Yesterday evening, I was trimming in the garden around the pool. The pool has a rock waterfall, that runs almost all the time. Truman frequently plays around the rocks, climbs to the top, looks for lizards, etc. without fear of the water or sound of the water as it falls. Yesterday, we had a brief power outage and the water fall stopped. Truman was curious and climbed the rocks. He was in the exact spot that the water comes out when the power came back on. ...(we) could do nothing quickly enough to stop what was about to happen. Truman heard it coming. He had four options, he could jump either to his left, his right or behind him and be on dry land. The fourth option, the safest one if a predator was chasing him, was straight ahead into the pool. Because he is TUT (Totally Unique Truman) guessed it! He jumped out into the pool. He looked like a high diver coming off the rocks. He flew way out into the pool, maybe seven feet. Head went under for just a second then paddled to the side with ease... (and) pulled himself out like a professional swimmer. ... it was absolutely amazing to see his body in the air like that. The thought occurs to me, and I must ask, are you guys mixing a little cougar into those cats?? :) Just kidding of course."
Deb & Bill (Florida)


Willy is a stunning silver tabby male kitten (7 months in this picture) from Zeta & Gladiator happily living in New York. His wonderful owner Robert writes brilliant notes that make me laugh until I cry, but this particular note speaks to the confidence these beautiful kittens exude, even when they share space & attention with another cat, in this case, Bojangles,a 3 yr old male silver shaded Brit.

Robert writes " Willy is so different that I’ve often tried to think of how exactly, and now I’ve got it. Most cats have a self-concious quality about them. ‘caught in the act’ at times, or pretending to be distracted. Sometimes they are skittish, sometimes flirty, etc – you know what I mean. It is as if simply by your being there they are affected. Willy has none of that. He has nothing ‘self-consciousness’ about him. He goes where he wants, when he wants and never bothers to know if you’re watching. He loves affection and I would say ‘takes’ it. ‘demand’ is just too strong a word…. He ‘takes’ the things he wants without a thought, without a reservation. ...bojangles can be really wimpy, and yet has no fear of him. I’m always amazed of this - but I think because there’s absolutely NO aggression. There’s no power play - he LOVES bojangles and shows it constantly. But his independence is just beautiful to watch, you know? he feels perfectly ‘honest’ and exudes this kind of strength I’ve never felt from a cat before. He is strong and gentle. affectionate and independent. ‘assertive’ with life in getting and giving. He is wonderful. And all of this at only 7 months?!?


SterlingBrits Winston Elliott 
4 month old male from Zoe's 2006 litter 

Owned by Kathleen & Michael in Snohomish Washington, this gorgeous boy was born to SterlingBrits Zoe Sweet Cheeks last summer.  His proud owners write:  After several attempts, we finally got this picture of the big guy in a Christmas collar (he couldn't wait for us to take it off and nearly chased himself silly trying). He is truly soft as silk, loves to have his ears rubbed, purrs mightily, and makes little "ack-ack" noises when he has something to say. We think this translates as "Rub my ears! My ears!"...."

"His fur is just stunning, enough to make me stop and give his fluffy cheeks a squeeze."

Note: background of picture edited out by SterlingBrits

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