British Shorthair kittens from grand champion lines.  British Shorthair kittens in silver tabby, blue, blue & white and more. 
Retired - referrals on request.

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We have an amazing adult male for the right home!

Our beloved Paint, as seen on the "Our Boys" page, is available to an approved home.

Paint is a gorgeous pale silver tabby with apple green eyes that melt your heart. He is a Grand Champion retired from breeding and neutered last November. For the past 6 months, we have been working hard to integrate him with our other three retired adult cats. Although Paint is sweet, gentle, playful and very affectionate with us, he is not willing to accept our other adult cats, particularly the older male. We wanted to keep Paint forever, but the situation is not a happy one for him, or for us.  We are looking for a loving home on Southern Vancouver Island if at all possible. At the very least, we must meet the prospective owner &/or have a recommendation rom a nearby breeder known to us. I promised his New Zealand breeder, now deceased, that he would be well cared for all of his life... and I need to know that I have kept that promise, preferably through an occasional visit.

Paint is 8 years old, but he acts like a 2 year old (healthy, agile, playful, affectionate).  He is extremely healthy (vet-checked), and was neutered and had his teeth cleaned very recently, and has had all vaccinations updated. He has no health issues except for a possible food allergy to fish in one known food brand.  We expect he will live many years in good health. I have lots of fabulous pictures I can send.

Whoever takes Paint will be blessed with one of the most affectionate, loyal and beautiul British Shorthairs I have ever known.  It breaks my heart to let him go, but he deserves to have the run of the house... and to live a loving, stress-free life, which cannot happen in a house with 3 other cats he does not want to be friends with. Paint needs to be the only cat, but he will most likely accept a dog (he is regularly groomed by & is affectionate with our 40 lb Aussiedoodle).  

If you are interested in Paint, you must promise to take the best care of him possible, to maintain his good health, to never declaw him and to shower him with affection. I also ask that I may be allowed visit him occasionally so that I know he continues to be a happy cat and a much loved member of your family.  If you are interested and would like to meet Paint, and talk to us about taking him into your home, please contact me (Lyn) at